The Centres for Advanced Training


Youth Dance Academy

The CATs.pdf The CATs.pdf
Size : 762.793 Kb
Type : pdf

The aims of the

Youth Dance Academy

Aims 2015-16.pdf Aims 2015-16.pdf
Size : 375.611 Kb
Type : pdf

Joining the Youth Dance Academy

Joining the YDA 2015-16.pdf Joining the YDA 2015-16.pdf
Size : 362.712 Kb
Type : pdf

Fees and Bursaries

Fees & Bursaries 2015-16.pdf Fees & Bursaries 2015-16.pdf
Size : 316.779 Kb
Type : pdf

Past student & alumni

What people say

Alumni.pdf Alumni.pdf
Size : 346.763 Kb
Type : pdf


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